How valve bodies are manufactured

The shift control for automatic transmissions is one of the central elements for modern automatic transmissions. Each individual transmission function and shift is performed by a hydraulic shifting device mounted directly on the transmission.

Precise switching operations and a long service life under extreme conditions are only possible with precisely manufactured individual components. The valve housing and the valve plate are just two components of this, with the valve housing itself accommodating the individual switching valves and the valve plate containing further hydraulic channels. These two parts are subject to the tightest tolerances, as they must precisely align and seal the hydraulic valves.
Valve housings and valve plates for the automotive industry are manufactured using the die-casting process and then mechanically machined in CNC machining centers.

This is how valve control housings are milled with CNC

1. Positioning and aligning the blanks In the first step, the raw parts are positioned and aligned and then clamped in the friction fit. 2. Optional pre-machining Depending on the design of the component, they are machined in a first operation that includes, for example, the drilling of core holes with or without multi-spindle heads and includes the cutting of threads. 3. Finishing In a second operation, the slide bores are completed by means of pilot and fine boring and the plane surfaces are milled off with cutter heads. 4. Elimination of the envelope error Depending on the specified tolerances, opposite reference bores are machined with stationary tools without turnover errors.
Valve control housing

How to mill parts

  • Minimum chip-to-chip times guarantee maximum production output.
  • Lowest TCO costs reduce your manufacturing costs.
  • Highest accuracies guarantee high component quality.
  • High flexibility offers you the possibility of easy retrofitting.

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