The powerful and flexible machining center with pallet changer


The ANGER SP2-P machine is a flexible machining center for 4- or 5-axis double machining of large-volume components. Two independent spindles process either 2 components synchronously or simultaneously a large component with a maximum length of 3,600 mm and a disturbance circle of 1,200 mm.

The pallet changer enables loading and unloading to be carried out in real time, both in fully automated operation and, thanks to its ergonomic design, also with manual loading.

Zero point clamping systems under the clamping nests, tool magazines with a capacity of up to 61 tools per spindle and the large amount of space available on the clamping bridge make the ANGER SP2-P the efficient and flexible solution in the automotive industry.

Most efficient machining

Most efficient machining

Maximum flexibility

Maximum flexibility

Low energy consumption

Low energy consumption

Technical Details

Number of axis 4 or 5 axis
Maximum component size L/W/H 3600/⌀1200
Axis speed X/Y/Z 80/60/60
Spindles 2
Tool capacity 29 (31,41,61)
Subject to technical changes.
  • Double machining of parts up to max. 3600 mm x 1200 mm
  • Flexible 5-axis machining
  • Large workspace
  • One or two independent machining units
  • Easy and fast loading and unloading due to pallet changer
  • Optimized for battery tray, side member, A/B pillar, and profile parts
From machining and automation to parts cleaning and measurement: ANGER integrates the various machining technologies into an optimal process.
  • Main time parallel loading and unloading
  • Reach into the box: Blank fixture & finished part deposit
  • Component recognition with camera
  • DMC write / read
  • Saws
  • Additional component cleaning
  • Master computer connection
  • Plant linkage
  • Punching
  • Fully automatic machine
  • Loading with robot or gantry
  • Check
  • Mounting (insert nut, helicoil, etc.)
  • NIO /measured part storage location
  • Laser marking
More power for less energy
Lowest chip-to-chip times guarantee maximum production output. Lowest TCO costs reduce your manufacturing costs. Highest accuracies guarantee a high component quality. High flexibility offers you the possibility of easy retooling.

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Frequently asked questions

Is the ANGER SP machine series suitable for the production of flow bores?

Yes, the ANGER SP machines are suitable for the production of flow holes in aluminum using both the coolant and MQL processes.

Is the measuring of the blanks done in parallel to the main time or in the main time?

Both methods are used depending on the measurement effort. Measurement in the main time is carried out by means of measuring probes in the machine, while measurement in parallel to the main time is carried out either on an external clamping device or in the loading station of the pallet changer.

Is it possible to use angular spindles?

In principle, angle spindles can be used, but ANGER relies on compact spindles with high power density for the SP machines and can replace the angle spindle in most cases with the 5th axis on the moving column.

What is a pallet changer?

The pallet changer of a processing machine allows the machine to be loaded and unloaded on a second clamping bridge parallel to the processing time (main time parallel). As soon as the first part is finished, the second machining pallet is swivelled into the machining area, and the previously machined parts move to the original loading and unloading position.

Is the ANGER SP machine suitable for friction stir welding?

In principle, it is possible to implement a friction stir welding process on an ANGER SP machine. For wear reasons, however, we recommend this only for prototype production.


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