The flexible standard solution for the largest components


The ANGER SP2-D machine is a flexible machining center for 4- or 5-axis double machining of large-volume components. The two processing units can process one component or different parts independently of each other. The large working area allows you maximum flexibility in process design and machining.

With a clamping bridge of approx. 3,600mm length and a disturbance circle of 1,200mm, the ANGER SP2-D is predestined for very large components such as cast or welded battery trays. Due to the typically long machining cycles of these components, the focus is on machining time.
Thus, this machine solution is suitable for fully automatic operation with robot or optionally for manual loading and unloading.

Most efficient machining

Most efficient machining

Maximum flexibility

Maximum flexibility

Low energy consumption

Low energy consumption

Technical Details

Number of axis 4 or 5 axis
Maximum component size L/W/H 3600/⌀1200
Axis speed X/Y/Z 80/60/60
Spindles 2
Tool capacity 29 (31,41,61)
Machine size LxWxH 5000/5300/3250
Subject to technical changes

Direct loading of the A axis

With only one continuous A-axis, the SP2-D is intended for direct loading and can only be loaded and unloaded in automatic mode in a very limited way in parallel with the main time. Loading and unloading is basically possible manually as well as automatically and can be done on the top and/or bottom side of the bridge if desired.

The main time in focus

The ANGER SP2-D is used where long machining times of complex components significantly exceed the handling time during loading and unloading. This makes the ANGER SP2-D the low-cost basic version of the SP machine series while maintaining very high overall efficiency.

One machine - several processing steps

The large machining area with a disturbance circle of 1,200mm allows not only the machining of very large structural components but also the simultaneous loading of the upper and lower side of the machining bridge. For example. an OP10 of 2 components on the upper side of the bridge and at the same time an OP20 of 2 further components on the lower side of the bridge are clamped.

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Frequently asked questions

Is it possible to load and unload the machine in parallel with the main time?

Yes, all ANGER machines of the SP series can be loaded and unloaded in parallel during machining. Due to the additional compartmentalization, this is possible with the SP2-P both manually and automatically without restrictions, with the SP2-D and SP2-A this is possible with restrictions and in any case only automatically.

What is the advantage of the independent spindle systems of the ANGER SP series?

The independent spindle systems of ANGER SP machines dramatically increase the flexibility of the machines. Thus, not only a synchronous double machining of 2 identical parts is possible, but also the machining of a very large component with both spindles or even the simultaneous machining of 2 different components (e.g. left and right component or OP10 and OP20).

Are ANGER machines loaded manually or automatically?

In principle, both variants are possible, whereby the SP2-P is predestined for both solutions, the SP2-A and the SP2-D can only show their maximum efficiency with automatic loading and unloading.


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